Friday, January 26, 2007

Walking Time Bombs?

I don't remember if I said this before but i work for a non profit and it's a great place to work, perfect fit. I am the youth program assistant / a bunch of other things. Anyway as much as I LOVE working there it has it downsides. If I haven't started working there I wouldn't have even thought about going on the pump and for that i am grateful because I am in such better control and feel so much better. But on the flip side of everything it has opened my eyes up a lot more. I knew diabetes was serious if you don't take care of yourself but even if you do you can still run into complications. Working at there has opened up my eyes to how serious diabetes really is. Diabetes is the topic almost all day long for 5days a week and sometimes 6 days I guess it has freaked me out that it can be inevitable that you will run into problems. I even changed my BS goal from 120 to 100 because I want to be in better control.

I always say that my dad is a "walking time bomb" because he is Type1 Diabetic and doesn't take care of himself at all but then it got me to thinking that arn't we all "walking time bombs" and his is just already LIT? I try not to let diabetes get to me but it just hit me recently. And i don't mean to be really negative but no one else besides you fellow diabetics would understand how I'm feeling, because i know we all have these days. Oh yeah and i promise that there will be a up beat post someday :)... I already feel better after letting that out.


Christoph Peter said...

Hi there! Greetings from Germany - I just passed by your BLOG and read a little. In Germany, we have special medical programs for diab.type1 (and 2) patients. I work at a german health-insurance company.

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Best wishes


mel said...

Hey! I think my time out of the office has caused you to have a bleak outlook on life! ;) I do like the analogy though (you do have good stuff to say). Thankfully, despite what we see day to day, we both know that good control and complication free living is possible. Unfortunately, the nature of what we do means that many times we only see people after they are experiencing problems. Sometimes, it's hard to see past that-- I would say that this community provides the out from the negatives.
Hang in there, I'll see you Monday (there's no physical way that I could still be sick!)

PumpLover said...

Thanks Mel! Boy did I miss you this week when I had stupid questions but it made me actually think for the answer for onece lol. I think that we need some clients that come in with a happy story for once so then I wouldnt feel as bad as I do for them :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I work in the field too, and like you say there is a lot of exposure to folks that have seen more than their fair share of trouble.

On the other side of that coin, I talk to a lot of really amazing people too. Folks that have seen positive changes in the therapy we use. These folks have not let diabetes slow them down at all, and their positive attitude shows through in how they live their life.

Jenna said...

Hi. my name is Jenna and i just started this whole blogging thing. I came across your site and read this particular post and it just caught my eye. Its really cool how you work for the Diabetes Association..i have dreams in getting involved somewhere in the Diabetes field as well. I too am on the pump (for a little over a year now) and I LOVE IT! I personally think everyone should get one, it has made my life a lot less crazy. But, anyways just wanted to drop you a comment!