Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's been way to long

It has been such a long time sine I wrote last. Let me just say as I am writing the Sox just won 4-1 go Paps! I am beyond excited about the new season!

I will admit I haven't written in a while because not a lot has gone on that I thought was blog worthy. I have been lurking though with the blogs, and I enjoy reading them because I can relate.

So I went to my endo today... Last A1C was 7.0 which was down from starting the pump. Pre- Pump it was 8.9 so when I had a 7.0 I was very pleased because it wasn't even 3 months of being on the pump yet. So anywho today I was actually excited to go and the results were... 6.5 so I am quite pleased , 6.5 I think is the lowest it has ever been.

Now that I have my diabetes under faierly good control , next step is to go back to the gym and loose a few pounds before summer.

I met with the rep from Mini Med (wicked cute by the way) and saw the new CGM and WOW what an improvement , I am under good control but I would love to get on. Hopefully someday soon it will be covered by insurence.

Has anyone tried the new green apple glucose tabs? I can't find them in stores but found them online but I dont really want to order them unless I hear they are good.

I hope to write more often!