Tuesday, December 5, 2006


So finally I created a blog! YAYY!! Just a few things to warn you about...

I can not spell to save my life so work with me spelling was not one of my Strong points at all! So as you might have already read I just started the pump the week of Thanksgiving and let me tell you did my little fingers work a lot that day ... had a bit to much pie! But i counted everything and didn't have one high blood sugar all day long... GO ME! It's so funny I get all excited when I have a good blood sugar any my non- diabetic friends don't understand the happiness! Anywho getting back to my pump it's a MiniMed 522 I have become very attached to it already. It feels like I have had it forever.. good i guess. Oh yeah so getting to my point... just in case you ha vent realized that I jump around to different topics... i need to try not to do that .. I need to name my pump I have decided that it deserves a name and since its attached to me 24/7 that it needs a name!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Hi Everyone

I guess i will introduce myself .. My name is Liz I am a Type1 Diabetic i have been a diabetic for almost 5 years. I am in my second year in college and I hope to be a Social Worker or to become a CDE. I recently started on the insulin pump. I chose MiniMed and let me tell you I have only had a few problems but other than that I LOVE the pump. More stories to come :)